« As swiftly as the Cheetahs catch their prey, the gifted, hyperactive ones shall here find their way »

Means of action

  • Finance research scholarships for doctoral students on those people called "doubly exceptional"
  • Build and update a web site with free information in several languages, with intel validated by a Scientific Reference Committee, in coordination perticularly with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the European Research Area ;
  • Produce videos with interviews of qualified experts and regularly upload them online ;
  • Elaborate a common knowledge corpus on the common practice comprehension aimed to improve their care, in order to avoid severe consequences throughout their lives ;
  • Organise and support lectures and workshops, open to a large professional, non-professional and student audience, on information, detection, solutions and global care of people having those features ;
  • Edit books on that subject, destined to a large professional, non-professional and student audience, along the lines of the book « Sensitive and gifted adults, Find your place, grow and succeed!» published by Editions Odile Jacob, finance the translations of that book and the promotional events destined to its circulation ;
  • Inform families, children or adults, give them efficient solutions on ways to circumvent or resolve the difficulties they have lived daily, allow the concerned individuals to meet and exchange in order to help each other and overcome their difficulties, and finally, favor their integration, by organising and coordinating multi-disciplinary solidarity, necessary to their good social and academic integration ;
  • Encourage every national and European sector of activity to elaborate procedures in order to identify people capable of approaching the concerned individuals and support them towards a better understanding, comprehension, integration and well-being within their work environment as well as towards a better use of their high potential ;
  • Contribute to launch information campaigns at the initiative of associations, in order to awaken the public and professional consciousness on this subject, and to allow a systematic differential diagnosis protocol to be established since childhood ;
  • Any action or reflection led to evaluate, establish strategies related to detect this condition and follow it to globally take care of the concerned individuals, in order to favour the precotious prevention of the condition within the general population.

Act in good coordination with Mensa International, ADHD France, and the different specialised associations on the subject; follow the advice of the High Authority of Health on this subject, under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Solidarity

Companies that will offer donations in favour of an Endowment Fund can thus benefit from a 60 % payment amount tax reduction, within the limit of 5% of overall turnover. Private individuals who will offer donations in favour of an Endowment Fund can benefit from a personal income tax relief (IRPP) equal to 66% of the amounts paid, within the limit of 20% of their taxable income.