« As swiftly as the Cheetahs catch their prey, the gifted, hyperactive ones shall here find their way »

The process

in order to ensure the maximum efficiency, Eleaur Les guepards foundation has been organized through open and collaborative processes, drawing upon a wide range of volunteer experts:

Volunteer involvement:

Decision-making body :
Thierry Brunel, President of Eleaur Les Guépards Foundation, CEO of Eleaur Family Office Switzerland

Alain Cobti : Endowment fund coordinator, volonteer and correspondents recruitment, experts interviews.

Scientific Committee :
Arielle Adda, psychologist, expert on gifted children
Dr. Louis Vera , Child psychiatrist , ADHD expert

Independent Impact Measurement :
Thanh Nghiem : One of the best impact measurement Researchers in the world. She pioneered the first large-scale, mixed use sustainable community in the UK, as well as Wikipedia, among others.

Knowledge Management :
Martine Meheux : Previously head of Information Services at Bain&Co Paris, she is now heading the Information Services at the Rothschild&Cie.

HR expert :
Bruno Chaintron : European expert and advisory to CEOs.

Key expert providers

Language expertise :
Carlo Santiago de Linares : Content translation supervisor in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Digital expertise :
Sylvie Rouen : Digital development 3.0 and all supports.