« As swiftly as the Cheetahs catch their prey, the gifted, hyperactive ones shall here find their way »


Since the 1950s, many countries have taken interest in the potential and well-being of the persons called « doubly exceptional », their detection, support and optimal employment within the military, civil and private sectors.

These persons are called « doubly exceptional », since they are at at the same time highly intelligent and hyperactive, thus capable of acting a lot faster and longer than others, and they are often capable of simultaneously carrying out several tasks until late at night or early morning.

Doctors agree today that their weaknesses are as high as their potential is truly extraordinary, and that their weaknesses need to be supported and guided. Medical treatment often damages them and only chance can place them in the right place. But that chance can be harmful for society as well as for them, since as the Cheetah, they are by far those who run the fastest, provided that they can frequently revitalise themselves properly.

It is high time for France and Europe to stop this waste, and give them the mastery of a happier and successful destiny for the best interest of all Nations.