« As swiftly as the Cheetahs catch their prey, the gifted, hyperactive ones shall here find their way »

Our mission

The ELEAUR – The Cheetah Foundation and Endowment Fund are one of public interest in favour of gifted and hyperactive persons. These persons are qualified by specialists as « doubly exceptional». They are capable of acting very quickly, too quickly, and longer than the others. They can lead many tasks simultaneously and have a long, efficient, but tiring daily work pace.

The goal of this fund is thus:

1) To contribute to better use the potential of these persons within the civil, military French and European administrations, as well as the representing offices of the Private Sector as well as to develop the practise of the existing rules on the subject in other countries, particularly Anglo-Saxon.

2) To facilitate their integration within society, their well-being, and in particular, to act as advisors with Public and Private Human Resources Managers to prevent psychosocial risks.

3) To promote, particularly within the French speaking community, in coordination with the State Secretary for the Development of Francophonie close to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development, the republican ideals of tolerance, non-discrimination, solidarity and equal opportunity, linked to the universality of those profiles, whatever their countries or ethnical origins might be.